COVID-19 Guidelines

1 - We’ve decided to not go against any recommendations from the state of MN, as long as they don’t hinder the Gospel message. There seem to be two options to act on at the moment. First, we could begin meeting again before the state authorities recommend it. Second, we could continue doing online services. The most important thing to note is that neither hinders the proclamation of the Gospel. There are also two outcomes - our actions were a mistake or they turned out to be the right thing to do. Let's play out each: 1 - we act against the recommendations and we end up being wrong. The outcome would be disastrous to many of our own community. 2 - we act against the recommendations and we're right. The outcome doesn't seem that bad, but in the meantime many perceive our church, and by association The Church, as antiquated, out of touch, anti-science, and unloving to the vulnerable. Perception is not everything, and at times it's untrue, but it does matter. 3 - we act according to the recommendations and we end up being right. Little harm will have been done on the pandemic or Gospel levels. 4 - we act according to the recommendations and we end up being wrong. Little harm will have been done on a pandemic or Gospel level. Because acting according to the state recommendations has overall better outcome possibilities without hindering the Gospel message, we've decided to keep them as our default guidelines for the time being.

2 - We will serve everyone. Our plan is not an either/or decision, as some may think. The plan is not deciding IF we will serve some and not others, it is HOW we will serve everyone - by continuing online, meeting in person with extensive precautions, or some combination. We long for a time when we are all back together, and agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of being together in person again. Until we can do that again, your survey submissions have shown us overwhelmingly that what we are doing online has been beneficial to you. Thank you for your feedback and kind words.

3 - Our plan will be informed by everyone. Surveys and other contacts will be the strongest information we lean on in making a plan, and these things are open to everyone.

4 - Our plan must be fluid. The virus and its impact on the state fluctuates. We will be ready to fluctuate our plan accordingly.

5 - Our plan will be communicated clearly. The staff and leadership will, to the best of our ability and capacity at this time, communicate our plan clearly for the safety of everyone. We ask for patience in times of the absence of a plan based on lack of information or direction from the state and authorities.