Together again plan


Before you leave

Please stay home and join us online, if:
A. Anyone in your household has any ONE of these symptoms:
◽️ Fever > 100.4˚
◽️ Coughing (new or getting worse)
◽️ Difficulty breathing
◽️ New loss of taste or smell
B. Anyone in your household has any TWO of these symptoms:
◽️ Sore throat
◽️ Vomiting
◽️ Chills
◽️ Excessive fatigue or tiredness
◽️ Nausea
◽️ Diarrhea
◽️ Muscle pain
◽️ New or severe
◽️ New nasal congestion or runny nose


when you arrive

Expect a slightly different layout for entering the building. We are planning on having multiple entrances to reduce the number of people in any given area.

As we determine final details, we will post them here and send them out in a timely manner.


as you worship

The Auditorium will have designated seating areas so that people can join together in worship yet still have adequate distance from others. People will be required to wear masks during the duration of their time indoors.

There will be a few changes to KidZone. Club E! will shift to the upper gymnasium and Club 35 will shift to the Dance Studio to allow for more space in the classrooms. We are working with teachers to determine specific guidelines for toys and supplies in each class space.

January 2020 Update

We will be continuing as-is with our COVID plan through February with gathering in person to watch the service together,
with a virtual option offered as well. For  transparency, two of our biggest reasons are:
1 - The state of COVID, the vaccine, hospitalizations, and cases seem to be in the midst of of a waiting game.
We anxiously await a more optimal time to transition back to live services.
2 - The difference in the amount of effort it would take between gathering to watch a recorded service and pulling together a live
service is significant.At this time, with current in-person involvement interest, inability to rotate volunteer scheduling, and a
desire to maintain a high quality service for those who are unable to join us, we do not have the capacity to make that shift just yet.
We are disappointed in the amount of time it has been taking for us to be together again - and we can't wait until we are
all able to be  in the same space worshipping, growing, and hanging out together again. Until then, we are praying for you
and are available if you should need anything.