June 2021 Update

We have made a decision to no longer ask you to wear a mask at church on Sunday mornings - regarding KidZone, see the section below. As life around the virus has changed so has our philosophy regarding masks in church. Our previous philosophy was to protect each other in the midst of defenselessness and to be a part of protecting all those we come into contact with beyond church, by extension. Our philosophy now is adjusted based on the availability of a ready defense for the virus. Those who choose to get the vaccine will have a strong defense, and those who choose not to are doing so understanding the risks involved. We as a church are committed to showing love and grace to those making either decision. In return, we thank you for the grace that you continue to extend to us as we make difficult decisions in unprecedented times.

Continued Masks in KidZone

Best practices when it comes to kid spaces and schools are continuing to use masks. We are asking that when you venture down the hall into KidZone (which is only open to secure personnel and parents), you please wear a mask to protect those who do not yet have a defense, and those they come into contact with, by extension. We will continue to follow best practices elsewhere, and make decisions regarding this on a week-to-week basis. Thank you again for extending grace to us as we make these difficult decisions.