Darcy Mears
Children's Ministry Coordinator

Fast Facts:
  • How do you like your coffee? I put half & half in my coffee if I am lucky, but almond milk if I am good!
  • What do you love about HGC? My favorite thing about our church community is THE KIDS! What else can I say - the kids keep us simple, faithful, and smiling.
  • Which Bible character is most like you? I identify most with Martha from the Bible - the responsible, dedicated servant who was maybe a little bossy and probably felt a bit like busyness = comfort.
  • What do you love most about the Twin Cities? I love being in the Twin Cities because home is where my heart is everyday. I love snow and rarely mind the cold. 
  • Fun Fact: If my childhood had a smell, it would be my Grandma Elsie's house in East Duluth - Cedar, old LIFE magazines, pancake, make-up, and Lake Superior.  

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