Zac Harder
Board Chair

I grew up on a farm in southwestern Minnesota, attending one of the many local Mennonite churches. I attended Hesston College in KS for two years and then volunteered with Youth Encounter to drive around in a van with 5 other 18-21 year-olds for a year on the beautiful US east coast. It was during this adventure that I met an amazing woman who would one year later become my wife. Amber and I have four wonderful kids: Feven, Kairus, Freya, and August. 

After graduating from the University of MN with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, I now work at General Mills creating custom food equipment.

Amber and I found this community in 2009 after feeling a lack of connection at our previous church. People often talk about Hope Grove being full of genuine and sincere people. I have to admit, that is exactly what we first noticed and what kept us coming back. My prayer for our church is that people’s spirits can be refreshed and renewed from the hustle and bustle which often consumes the day to day.


Assistant Board Chair

Emily Nuckolls



Member at Large

stacy levitz

Member at Large

brenda wetzel

Board Secretary